Who Are We?

God Loves Everyone

Welcome! Emmanuel Episcopal Church is a broad-minded, open-hearted parish. Our members come from many different countries and backgrounds. Some of us have worshipped n the Episcopal Church our entire lives, while many of us were raised in secular homes or in other faith communities. We are a diverse and inclusive congregation of the young and not so young, workers in and out of the home, married and singles of all descriptions. While we hold a wide variety of political beliefs and live in different economic circumstances, we are united as children of God.

Because we believe God loves everyone, no exceptions, we welcome everyone to worship with us and become a member of our faith community.

The Episcopal Church is part of a global family of self-governing national and regional Christian churches in 160 countries with over 80 million members throughout the world that form the Anglican Communion. We share traditions of faith and order in the Book of Common Prayer, which is part of our inheritance from the English reformation.

As Anglicans, we encompass wide-ranging traditions that are both Catholic and Protestant, ancient and reformed, progressive and conservative. We believe praying and serving together is much more important than sharing identical theological outlooks.

We are a structured, denominational church: a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, the oldest diocese in the country, 38 counties north of the James River. We are a community of over 80,000 members in 181 congregations and 425 clergy in communion with our 3 bishops. Our diocese serves the world with 2 conference centers, 6 schools and 8 retirement communities; it is home to the largest Anglican seminary in the world.

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