Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team at Emmanuel supports people in their pain, loss, and anxiety; and their triumphs, joys, and victories. We try to be aware of the needs and concerns of our immediate parish as well as their concerns outside our church family through active prayer lists, cards, visitations, phone calls, meal preparation, and remembrances at special times of the church year.

Our prayer list includes parish members and their close friends and family. We keep the lists current, and available for all to access. Our spoken prayer lists reflect those in critical situations, while we also remember others, in an unspoken listing, who we miss seeing on a regular basis as they are not as able to be present on a regular basis.

If you have pastoral concerns, please contact one of the following:

Wendy Fillter, Parish Administrator

Father Daniel Robayo

Deacon Ed Bachschmid

Pastoral Care Committee Chair, Weldon Bagwell

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