Roberta Webb Angel Tree

Roberta Webb Angel Tree
It is more blessed to give than to receive

Every Advent season we reach out to our larger community and give gifts to the children at the Roberta Webb Childcare Center and support the center by also gifting needed supplies.

An Angel tree is placed in the Narthex with tags for each child and a list of needed supplies.

You take a tag from the tree which will have written the age of the child and some ideas of toys the child would like for Christmas. When returned the gifts need to be wrapped with the tag that was taken from the tree attached as the gift tag.

For school supplies, there will be a sheet of paper near or beside the Angel tree. You sign your name by the name of the child and your choice of a needed school supply. These supplies do not need to be marked.

All gifts and supplies should be returned December 13, 2017 to the parish hall.

If you have any questions please reach out to Maggie Kyger.

Roberta Webb Angel Tree

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